The Awakening main menu

  • Engine: Half-Life 2
  • Released Date: Sep 22, 2007
  • Author: BlueStrike

Overview Edit

Awakening is a Half-Life 2 singleplayer mod where the player discovers what happened to Adrian Shepard (Half-Life: Opposing Force), what happened a bit before Gordon Freeman's arrival at City 17, and where the antlions come from.

Note that future official releases on the Half-Life 2 story might contradict with this mod.

The mod should have a playtime of roughly one hour leading you trough a intro and 5 playable levels. Starting at a underground complex much like Black Mesa, leading you trough a outdoor snow environment into a Russian submarine base, an early combine citadel structure and a ancient location that the combine is researching.

Features Edit

  • Around 1 hour of gameplay including some small puzzles.
  • Custom textures, world models (props), custom music and some custom voices.
  • 3 to 4 different environments.

History Edit

I (Bluestrike) started a mod for Half-Life: Opposing Force a long time ago but quit because I assumed Half-Life 2 would be released any moment. It eventually took years and my urge to make a singleplayer mod never really went away. Once Half-Life 2 was out and I finished some multiplayer maps I started a singleplayer again and this is the result.

Development started in July or August 2005 and soon after I was required by Insurgency so development slowed down to vacations. In the summer of 2006 development accelerated again and from December 2006 to the release at April 2007 I spent almost every free minute into the mods development.

I didn't do everything alone, for the more complex models I asked Mumle who I knew from a previous mod. After the first media release somewhere in June 2006, Alex Mcgery contacted me with some samples of music and offered his help. I asked one of the texture artists from the Insurgency mod to make me a few model skins. That way Spine joined the team. To tell the small story I had, I needed voice actors, so I explored the Machinama scene and received the help of Tess Snider and Robert Ducat, who also lent his brother Matthew's voice for the mod.

In-Game InformationEdit


  • Crowbar
  • USP Match Pistol
  • Gravity Gun
  • H&K MP-7 Sub-Machine Gun
  • Frag Grenade
  • Rocket Powered Grenade Launcher
  • MP-7 Grenade
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun
  • .357 Magnum
  • Combine Assault Rifle
  • AR2 Secondary Energy Orb
  • Hopper Mines

Characters / AlliesEdit

  • Resistance Soldiers
  • Barney Calhoun
  • Isaac Kleiner
  • Eli Vance
  • G-Man
  • Judith Mossman
  • Wallace Breen


  • Striders
  • Combine Helicopters
  • Combine Dropships
  • Combine Elites
  • Metro Police
  • Combine Soldiers
  • Manhacks
  • City Scanners
  • Combine APCs
  • Rollermines
  • Combine Gunship
  • Combine Sniper
  • Regular Headcrabs
  • Regular Zombies
  • Regular Zombie Torsos
  • Barnacles
  • Poison Headcrabs
  • Fast Headcrabs
  • Fast Zombies
  • Poison Zombies
  • Combine Advisor (hardly)
  • Combine Prison Guards
  • Combine Ceiling Turret
  • Combine Turrets
  • Antlions
  • Antlion Guard

Review Edit

Team Edit

  • Bluestrike Leveldesign, Modeling, Choreography's.

  • Alex Mcgery Music

  • Spine

Textures, skins and some concepts.

  • Mumle Stassismodels.

  • Tess Snider Female voices.

  • Robert Ducat Breen and Scientist voices.

  • Matthew Ducat G-man voices.

Localized versions Edit

Due to a bug with Source SDK Base closed captions don't work and no localized versions are planned.


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