• Engine: EP2
  • Author: Gear
  • Released: Not yet released

Overview Edit

City17 aims to bring the player a Rebel perspective of the Half Life 2 Universe. From the City Streets to the Canals, City17 Ventures through the Episode 1 timeline.

Features Edit

  • Volumetric Lighting with smaller features included:
    • God Rays for sun effects against Geometry.
    • Light shafts generated by any light source when casted into a dark exterior or Interior.
    • Planned features to work without the need of DX10, much like other games require. Play without the worry of any needed hardware upgrades or software.* Dynamic Lighting, including scalable lighting at realtime, with proper occlusion, and realtime shadowing.
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) Creating softer shadows at 'real' and 'compile' Times.
  • Improved AI, resulting in more realistic battles, and smarter Opponents.All features capable of running on a Mid-Range PC and beyond.

To find the latest updates on City 17, you can view our Website, or check the old update log here.

Screenshots Edit

C17 city day 020000
C17 city day 020003
C17 city day 020001
C17 city day 020002
C17 city day 030073
C17 city day 030074
C17 city day 030075
C17 city day 030076
C17 city day 030078
C17 city day 030083
C17 city day 040018
C17 city day 040019
C17 city day 040020
C17 city day 01a0001
C17 city day 01a0002

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